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spring break homework!!!!!!

during class me and my groups where reading “the red bow”. The outcome that we use was outcome 019. 0910: students to analizes  george sounders writing through the lens of sociological immagination. this story is conect with the outcome because in a way i think that it has the part that is says in the outcome. Sociological immaginatio is the capasity to discern the relationships between a larg scale socials forces and the actios of induviduals it includes both capasity to see  relationships between individuals biographies and historical changes. This story is base on differents dog on one in specific that it migth be special for the owner. it was base on a red bow there was one dog in specific this dog where killed because they might fund some rabies on the dogs and it inffecte other dogs. There weher one dog that was old and i think that it was veri special because the woner have it for a long time and also when they tell him that the dog got to be killed because it have the rabies he sid that his dog doesnt have that kind of desease he didnt believe but at the end the dog was killed and he was very sad.

This story shows that the outcome is related with it because it also demostrated some issue in the stoty because base on the dogs the issue was that most of the dogs dogs have this deseases and the ones that wouldn’t have this type of desease where effected when the dogs have this deseases. also this issue affected the man because was affect with this situations on what was happening with the dogs but most on his dog. 

Hw 3/5/10

                              Is wall-mart is good for Americans?

I really don’t think that wall-mart is good for Americans because in terms of economy even though they sell things for a good price they hurt the economy and also it make other small companies to go down. As we all know that this is a powerfull company it also damadge employees that work at small stores  so it could hurt also the Americans pocked because there will no be anough jobs for peoplemwho need to work. And it wil hurt the must the poor people because as we can see that is why the pelope that goes to wall-mart are the ones that cna’t affort the money to buy in other store. I think that this big company has been made by the government because for the simply reason that many people does not affort to buy in other stores that are more spensive. If wall-mart buy things from chinese there is a reason first the chinese sell their product to this big market because this big market provide them a advantages for example they migh give the chinese a good porcentage of the amount of money that this big market produce.

Hw 3/4/10

wal-mart: when i was watching the video i saw that there where a conflict betwing this tow companies. One of this company was robbermind this company wanted to increase the supplies because they where losign money that mean’s that if they increase the price the more employees higest wages. Another problem was that robbermain had no choise and fired a lot of employers because the he didn’t have no options to this company to become better.

I think that the public issue was that the emplyees rates when up because the more chip are the supplys the more emplyees get pay.

The problem that now wall-mart had is that  after the owner die it had been an impact for all the emplyees that work at this company because they didn’t know what would happend at the end  with the company and how they going to deal with it now Who is going to support them?

The people that go to wall-mart are the ones that buy ship things such as food and other necessary needs. So those kind of people dond’t have enough money to affort their needs that is why they go to this big mall because they can find good things in a ship prices and also because there we can find anything that we need most of the time we can no find something in a small store because they are just for needs that are more necessary for the consumers.

In another way this company (wall-mart) has had a mark to other small companies because now people go to wall-mart to buy things in a better price. Therefore i think that if the company wall-mart increase their prices there will be a con flict with employees and consummers because if the price increase the more employees get high wages and if they lowest more the prices less consummers would have wall-mart because they would not have a lot  of money to affort to it so at the end there will be less work for the employees and more high the prices so they are going to increase their prices also for the ship things.

Hw 3/3/10

Dear: Mr Morgan

I want to let you know that in class we have been relating with sociological imagination; I think that is known as a personal issue in which is base on public, personal issue but in a individually part. I have applied sociological immigration in a way of trying to be away from issues but in real life every body are destine tohave issues in life even though people had become with different personal issues in life. I have gone to many issues for example I have an issue with my languaje at the biginig of my first time of class in 2006 I was so depress because I didn’t know any english but now that i have gone to many effort my english had be emprove by practicing with my friends. Now is 2010 life had me offer an opportunity to become sucessful untill my soul can not hondol it and my commun sence die. I have applied to the live of others in a way  that many people have different poin of view on their bilief. People also become with personal issue in their community and also they have trouble in the society, they might not know how to resolve those problem but as the reality all people have an destine and every body has to pass through bad situations in life. I think that my quality of work had been as is the reality of the world even though I try to skipt troubles and issue I can’t because that the destiny is who decide what is going to happend in my life. I think that people as me too have to try to no be so much in the middle of problems on the scociety so they can be calm and be pasicic in life so we all become sucessful.

octuber 11 1991

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Hw 2/8/10

Homeworks 2.8

Based on today’s reading and worksheet #3, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how sociology is different from ot

Social Science is focus on the past events, it have many branches such as sociology, economic, psychology, anthropology and others. But those branches are different from one another in certain ways.

Sociology is based on the study of society or what we can call the study of human behaviors, and it focus on social group in society, meaning that it based on the behaviors of the communities. Sociology is also different from other social science, but by the way it also has some similarities between each other. Is hard to find the different between sociology and other social science, because as I said it has there certain similarities as well.

In other hand Political science is focus on politics and government, as you can see this two social science are different either in one way, sociology is based on a social group and political is based on government which in one way is responsible on how people behave in there communities and also how to help the people ais and make them to be united in one way her social sciences.

i think that the difference is that sociology is base on people and a community in which they are represented by activitgies such as sport,gangs,roberty atc…..and social science is base on the government,economy,astrology, atc….

Hw 12-10-9

Group # 1

- People were cared to say the true about what was going on with the Germans people.

-I would  say anithing because i will be hurt but i dont say nothing they will judge me.

-The connected with the world today that those kind of  siation still happend. So they they connected with immigrant that white still making argument about immigrat that they are bad people so ashually they are been rasist as before with the blacks.

-they should use different picture.

Group #2

-There were people onder hitler that maybe they didnt wanted to kill people, they will have to do it because they are onder the ruler od hitler and if they dont dont do it they will be killed by hitler.

-I will move to anotherplace and take the risk of die but no by let some one to force me to do something that  i dont wated to do.

-The connections that  they make was with weating for godot and the jwish people childres. So they dont know what future is going to look like so there will be asurdism.

-Something that they could improved is to not iteroption between the because in that way they start to argued and have conflict and maybe the teacher will cancel the others presentations because of that or he might think that the other groups will do the same.

Group # 4

-Tousand of people were killled. they choise was that they will not pay atention to the jwish people or help them and take the riks to die by helping them.

-I will help the people and take the risk because in the really life we will die any ways so in estead of waisting time in life we should help each other so people becaome as just one nation and not by been Egoist.

-They connected with cai and abel just because cain was a bad person and the one who kill his brother abel and in the story they says that the soldier kill the bystanders. Therefore i think that in the world always had been exist two faces one good and the other bad and an example to that is god and dabo(Lusifer).

-I think that they should improve in their connections and say just one in specific and have acurent and relebant informations.

homework 12.2.09 Part 1: Please write one important line from the reading. Why is it important? One important line that i have read about the reading is that many jewish people had been murder by the german people because they where egoist about 6 million of jews where kiklled in the holocot.

 Part 2: Please write one confusing line from the reading. Why does it confuse you? Have you figured it out? Loading… Hide notes one thing that was confuising for me was that i couldnt find what was the point of moltke beca use he is talking about them in quotations.

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